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Collective activities of the gallery are rather various!

Aside from paintings by glorified masters collections of graphic works, carved stones, porcelain, bronzes, painted vases, works of applied art, old Russian and European furniture, rare books are exhibited in 3 halls of the museum. Undoubtedly, it is an ideal place, where the spectator has an opportunity to privately contact the beautiful, penetrating into the heart of ancient days.

As a matter of fact, gallery "The New Hermitage" created a museum of antiquarian art of the 18th - 20th centuries. The time was ripe to do it. "The New Hermitage" is unique in its ability to fill up its collections with works of museum art doomed to be covered with dust in "palace store-rooms", while state museums sometimes are unable to purchase best examples of Russian art.

Granting to art addicts convenient access to "The New Hermitage", new acquisitions of remarkable art collections, publishing of catalogues and other activities have resulted in increasing of visitors to the gallery, among them residents of Moscow and not only them...

Museum-gallery "The New Hermitage" seems to be destined to take a considerable place in the history of Russian culture by salvaging national treasures.

Painting in the New Hermitage
Graphic works in the New Hermitage
Engraving in the New Hermitage
Applied and jewelers arts
Books in the New Hermitage
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