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Konstantin Gorbatov

 K. I. Gorbatov 1876-1945 Rezhitsa, 1931. Gouache, whitening and water colours on cardboard, 51 x 65,8 cm

K. I. Gorbatov
Rezhitsa, 1931.
Gouache, whitening and water colours on cardboard, 51 x 65,8 cm


Konstantin Ivanovich Gorbatov is an artist, professor of the Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts.

Was born on May 5, 1876, in Stavropol of the Samara province. Began to study art in Samara under F.Burov and A.Yegorov.

From 1896 to 1903 lives in Riga, studies at the department of civil engineering of the polytechnical school and at D.Klark's studio.

In 1903 he moves to St. Petersburg, where studies at first at the Baron Stieglitz Central school for Technical Draftsmanship. In 1904 enters the architecture department of the Academy of Fine Arts. From 1905 to 1911 studies at the painting department of the Academy of Fine Arts under V.Ye.Dubovskoi and A.A.Kiselyov.In 1911 for his picture "They've Reached the Shore" he receives the rank of artist, the pension for a trip abroad and a gold international medal at the exhibition in Munich.

In 1912 he goes as a pensioner of the Academy of Fine Arts to Rome, then on M.Gorky's invitation he moves to Capri. Travels throughout the south of Europe.

Returns to Russia, visits many ancient Russian towns, lives in St. Petersburg, in Moscow.

In 1922 he leaves Russia forever.

In 1922-1926 lives in Italy, on Capri, travels in Europe. In 1926 settles down in Berlin.

When living in Berlin, he travels a lot: in 1928 goes to Finland, visits I.Ye.Repin in Kuokkala, in Penaty. Almost annually visits Capri and Venice.

In 1934-1935 travels to Palestine.

In 1935 goes to London.

In the 1940s lives in Berlin without quitting it.

On May 24, 1945 he dies in Berlin.

Participant of exhibitions from 1905: spring exhibitions of the Society of Itinerant Art Exhibitions, exhibitions of "The Society of the Independent" (1910, St. Petersburg), in Paris, Venice, Munich. After departing from Russia at his life time he had personal exhibitions in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Dresden, Rome, Copenhagen, Hague, London.

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