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Masterpieces of private collections

 A.Milman 1886(8)-1930 Paschal still-life, 1916 Oil on canvas, 124,5 x 113 cm

Paschal still-life, 1916
Oil on canvas, 124,5 x 113 cm

Permanent participant of exhibitions of "The Jack of Diamonds" (from 1912). Milman, as well as many other artists of this grouping, was distinguished by some special sense of materiality and colour meaningfulness of the world of subjects. For this reason they were extremely susceptible to the traditions of folk culture - from primitively coloured "lubok" (cheap popular prints) up to a bright street signboard - with its thirst for colour diversity and exaggerated stressing of the voluminous propertiess of a subject.

Milman's still-life reflects this tradition to the highest extent by using a typically "street signboard" method when the subjects filling in the foreground of the picture seem to be going to tear themselves off the background and to enter the spectator's space.

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Masterpieces of private collections
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