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Masterpieces of private collections

 V.Vasnetsov 1832-1898 Three Bogatyrs (Three Heroes), 1920 Oil on canvas, 84 x 146,5 cm

Three Bogatyrs (Three Heroes), 1920
Oil on canvas, 84 x 146,5 cm

Known Russian painter, producer of pictures on hystorical subjects, on scenes from Russian national fairy tales. Worked in the field of monumental religious painting (wall paintings of the St.Vladimir's athedral in Kiev), in the 1880s was one of the organizers of S.I.Mamontov's Abramtsevo circle, where he designed some theatre performances.

One of Polenov's most known works "Three Bogatyrs" is represented at the exhibition by the author's replica of "Three Bogatyrs". The picture is known in its several versions. The initial sketch executed in the middle 1870s now is in the museum estate of V.D.Polenov. The known large canvas of 1898 immediately after its completion was bought by P.M.Tretyakov from its producer. And, at last, the third version of smaller sizes today displayed at the exhibition, was executed in 1920 and presented by the artist to his student O.A.Kalinin.

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Masterpieces of private collections
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