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The New Hermitage

Museum-gallery "The New Hermitage" was founded in 1997, when Russian and Western-European collectors decided to unite and to create their own centre.

Program "Returning" contributes to returning of works of art exported from Russia in different periods due to historical reasons.

Cooperation with museums of Russian provinces and stocking the museum funds comprise an important part of the New Hermitage's activities

At the same time "The New Hermitage" is a "meeting house" for collectors, art lovers and businessmen. Combining functions of a museum, an art gallery and an exhibition, "The New Hermitage" cooperates with largest domestic and foreign museums, exhibition departments and galleries.

Gallery "The New Hermitage" collaborating with private collectors of Russia and foreign countries, constantly contacting largest auction houses Sotheby's, Christie's, Philip's, has a broad spectrum of activities:

  • It DOES NOT ONLY stages exhibitions of pieces of art from Russian and foreign private collections, marvelous modern and retro - exhibitions of forgotten and little-known artists, expositions of outstanding Russian and foreign private collections,

  • BUT ALSO carries out expert estimation, restoration, collection and sale of works of art,

  • AS WELL AS renders assistance in formation of private and corporate collections, decoration of offices and living quarters, and in choosing a gift,

  • and, AT LAST, its publishing department executes preparation works and publishing of catalogues and other printed materials from the gallery funds and to orders at a high quality level.

And all of these is us - museum-gallery "The New Hermitage"!

The New Hermitage
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