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21-03-2001 | Resonance

16-03-2001 | Results of Antiquarian Salon

01-03-2001 | Museum-gallery "The New Hermitage" celebrates the 8th of March

To celebrate the 8th of March museum-gallery "The New Hermitage" has prepared and has executed a project named tenderly and poetically "Just in tunic of golden hair clothed". The project chiefs after long and heated discussions of how they would like to see the main character of the exhibition, without more ado, have agreed mutually to submit to spectators judgment an eternal object - a naked model created in works of artists.

Female images in art

"Look at the profile of Nefertiti and at the same moment you will see Ancient Egypt - the country of temples, pyramids, sphynxes and slaves.

The Venus de Milo. The incomparable plasticity of her forms is Hellene itself, inaccessible, eternal.

Charming, a little bit sad goddesses by Botticelli, the mysteriously smiling madonnas by Leonardo, the beauties by Tizian - is it not the Italian Renaissance itself? The earthly full-blooded Bacchantes by Rubens, the refined marquises putting on airs and graces by Watteau - are they not the symbols of baroque and rococo? The woman's image is the image of time, country, people...

Gavriil Nikitich Gorelov (1880-1966) is presented at the exhibition most fully. His little-known picture "The Orgy in the Apartments of Alenxandre VI Borgia", "The Female Figures under the Sun" and some studies of imposing sizes are a summarized image of female beauty and unfadingness. Why is his style so enchanting? His works are exceptionally emotional and at the same time timid.

After graduating from the Academy, crowned with glory and gold medal, G.N.Gorelov in 1915 departed Russia to practise in Italy, which impressed and dumbfounded him. It was necessary for the artist to present a report about his trip and Gavriil Nikitich, impressed by topics from the late Italian Middle Ages, started "The Orgy... ". Gorelov was attracted by the image of Alexandre VI (his font name was Rodrigo Borgia), the Pope, who had won a scandalous fame by his way of life, unseemly even for a common christian, to say nothing of the Pope. Gorelov was so engrossed in his work, that he stayed in Italy for one more year. However, he had lost interest in the picture, so "The Orgy... " remained unfinished. He resumed this work again and again and after the October revolution, and later, and finished it only... in 1956.. It took him 40 years to realise his great intention - and 40 years more for the picture to found, finally, its spectators, in "The New Hermitage".

Aside from the marvelous canvases by Gorelov, you can see works by Brodsky, Yurkin, Kravchenko, Bukovetsky and other artists.

The longer we admire the canvases of the artists glorifying the eternal woman's image, the more we feel joy of life, clearness and delight in the beatiful, because "the main nerve of a society is determined by a mood of the gentle sex. When they are bored or in the blues, everything in the world becomes petty, shrunk and grey. But when revived by excitement, they shake off drowsiness - and immediately life quickens its pulsation, blossoms, becomes filled with sounds and colours... " (In the article are used fragments from books by I.Dolgopolov and B. Akunin.)

The exhibition will be open from March 1 to April 25.

01-03-2001 | The Tenth Russian Antiquarian Salon

The tenth Russian Antiquarian Salon again will fling open its doors for participants on March 2 and will receive visitors till March 8

Museum-gallery "The New Hermitage" waits for its admirers (stand No 19), where 67 pieces of painting and graphic art, created in the late 19th - middle 20th centuries will be on display. Severe realism represented by Vasnetsov, Serov, Klever, Polenov in combination with advant-guard represented by Lentulov, Mashkov, Katzman, Zefirov and associates from "The World of Art" Benois, Dobuzhinsky, Roerich who always keep themselves aloof, remaining extremely fascinating and attractive.

The antiquarian salon is open from March 2 to March 8

23-02-2001 | Wellcome to the gallery stand at the ANTIQUARIAN SALON in the Central Artist House

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