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01-03-2001 | The Tenth Russian Antiquarian Salon

The tenth Russian Antiquarian Salon again will fling open its doors for participants on March 2 and will receive visitors till March 8

Museum-gallery "The New Hermitage" waits for its admirers (stand No 19), where 67 pieces of painting and graphic art, created in the late 19th - middle 20th centuries will be on display. Severe realism represented by Vasnetsov, Serov, Klever, Polenov in combination with advant-guard represented by Lentulov, Mashkov, Katzman, Zefirov and associates from "The World of Art" Benois, Dobuzhinsky, Roerich who always keep themselves aloof, remaining extremely fascinating and attractive.

The antiquarian salon is open from March 2 to March 8

23-02-2001 | Wellcome to the gallery stand at the ANTIQUARIAN SALON in the Central Artist House

12-02-2001 | At the beginning of March in the Museum of Orient located on Suvorovsky boulevard opens exhibition devoted to the artistic production of N.K.Roerich

"The pathway of loneliness or the pathway of community"

At the beginning of March in the Museum of Orient located in Suvorovsky boulevard an exhibition devoted to the artistic production of N.K.Roerich opens.

Museum-gallery "The New Hermitage" will display two canvases of the great master: "The Old Men Gathering Together" and "Russian Easter " ("The Religious Procession").

Unjustly forgotten but nowadays widely known picture "The Old Men Gathering Together" was painted in 1898 in Izvar, the summer manor of the Roerichs, and represented a fine example of Roerich's style and themes at that time.

In 1904 among 600 products of different artists (the collection included 70 pictures by N.K.Roerich) picture "The Old Men Gathering Together" was sent to a selling exhibition in Saint Louis, Missouri. However, together with other works it was not fated to be displayed at this exhibition.

As a result of all possible troubles a large part of Roerich's canvases from this collection, including numerous studies representing the architecture of ancient Russian towns, had got into the town museum of Oakland, California.

In the 1970s president of Roerich Museum in New York Catherine Campbell purchased from the Oakland museum Roerich's architectural studies for an exhibition. However, "The Old Men Gathering Together", as well as other Roerich's products were not among them: they had disappeared …

...Some time later picture "The Old Men Gathering Together" was found in a warehouse of Oakland. It was to be moved to the town rubbish dump. The finder saved the work, gave it to the Oakland museum, then it was delivered to the Russian legation in New York. The picture was in a disastrous condition and required restoration. It was restored and ... God moves in mysterious ways! So does art! Today, as fate has willed it, it is in museum - gallery "The New Hermitage" and we cannot but thank those mysterious forces helping to salvage it.

Picture "Russian Easter" ("The Religious Procession") was painted in the 1930s years. The original version "The Early Chime" is in India and is mentioned in the diaries of N.K.Roerich in 1946-47.

N.K.Roerich deeply investigated symbols of loneliness and community. They are the only two ways of ascension. Experience demonstrates, that ministering to people, to the common good is always more preferential than being an anchorite. Each of you can recollect the moments when you felt absolute harmony with the world. How rare are these moments! But they cannot be everlasting. Neverthless, they give us a force for living. Just these very emotions you experience, when looking at great canvases "The Old Men Gathering Together" and "The Russian Easter" by great master N.K.Roerich. This is a motive of the Eternal.

12-02-2001 | We are opened!

On February 12 the first part of "The New Hermitage"' site appeared. In the future there will be a lot of new and interesting changes and additions. Don't forget to subscribe to the news to keep abreast of the times.This site opens a new epoch in the gallery's activity. Now almost all wishing to become acquainted with our collections and exhibitions can do it.

Aside from that, to our numerous visitors we render additional services available in the gallery: a library of images, publishing, services of the gallery.

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