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Russian artists living abroad

The exhibition is organized by gallery "The New Hermitage-1" and by the club of collectors of fine arts.

The exhibition introduces the pictures made by Russian artists abroad where they have left to study, to work , to emigrate, for family reasons or just because of liking to move from place to place.

For many Russian artists Europe and its artistic life were a part of Russian life, an integral component of their personality. The junior generation of those who lived abroad - Dosekin, Pervukhin, Zarubin,Korovin, Malyavin and others - circulated in Europe, thus the influence of Western-European art schools over them was evident.

We give thanks to all members of the Council of Sponsors participating in the activity of the Gallery

Company ARTECO has been working in the Russian market since 1993. It has taken an established place in the world of exclusive fashion, introducing products of Italian and Swiss companies in the field of clothing industry: MOTTA ALFREDO is one of the largest factories in Italy producing dressed leather and sheepskins. The clients of this factory are Gucci, Trussardi, Armani, Versace, Escada, Max Mara and many, many others.

Factory TOCCATO is leading in Italy among companies producing dressed and dyed furs.

The cooperation of fashion house ARTECO and the above named companies has resulted in producing of high-quality and exclusive leather and fur items which can satisfy the tastes of the most refined and fastidious clients.

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