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Russian artists living abroad

 N. Altman 1889-1970 Night in Paris, 1920 Oil on canvas, 33,5 x 47 cm

N. Altman
Night in Paris, 1920
Oil on canvas, 33,5 x 47 cm

Painter, graphic artist, sculptor, theatre artist. He studied at the Odessa Art School (1901-1907) under K. Kostandi, G.Ladyzhensky, at M. Vasilyeva`s "The Free Russian Academy" in Paris (1910-1912); worked as an instructor in SVOMAS ("The Free Workshops) in Petrograd (1918-1920); member of The Department of Fine Arts of The People`s Commissariat of Public Education, the Futurist Commune, the Institute of Art Culture in Moscow; participated in exhibitions from 1906 (i.e. "The World of Art", "The Jack of Diamonds" and others); designed the Palace Square for celebrating the 1st anniversary of the October Revolution (1918), designed theater performance "Mistery-Buffo" by V. Mayakovsky (1921), made sketches for agitational chinaware.From 1929 to 1935 lived and worked in Paris, from 1936 worked in Leningrad, produced book illustrations, designed theatre performances.

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