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Alexander Sitnikov

Pythagoras heard the music of spheres and, finally, had caught a certain harmony. As a mathematician, he immediately tested it by means of algebra. As a result, a scientific basis was born.

In our inharmonious world from time to time some kind of "Pythagoreans" appear. In different parts of the world we meet them, sun-scorched or cold-burnt. Such zealots of the truth in Russian art life of the last century are Khlebnikov and Filonov. Among today's sparse "harmonizers of the universe" is artist Alexandr Sitnikov.

I think, following his teacher he could pronounce without batting an eyelid: "Subjects are only the copies of numbers". Exactly so in Ancient Greek. While we would sit open-mouthed and absolutely bewildered. In other words, from lack of mind. Therefore, we shall put aside the science not to disgrace ourselves.

Scrutinizing Sitnikov's picture you are as if ascending beyond the clouds, penetrating into those above mentioned spheres. Into one after another: first, second, seventh... Bleeding mortally wounded beasts are being replaced by clarified images of the gods. The sacrificial blood is converting into wine. And so we are moving higher and higher until we reach the acme. Here there is nothing material - here is the kingdom of spirit, of clean colours and allegories. Here are the celestial axes somehow supporting all this jar of ours.

From the window of Sitnikov`s workshop you can see only the sky. To see the ground you should stand on tiptoe and cast a glance downwards, at your feet. It`s like the bird`s sensation : you have nestled on the edge of the nest - it is just frightful to look downwards , to look up is so much the worse. The heart is sinking. However, we are not soaring.

We are standing on the ground with the eyes turned to the sky. Such is the way Sitnikov, a Pythagorean, stands by the easel. He does not paint portraits or still-lives, the beauty of native nature the the triumph of human intellect. He thinks by means of his brush, paint, canvas...and thus exists as an artist and a thinker.

Vladimir Salimon

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